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Why choose PrognoCIS?

Improve communication about patient data & decrease your liability. Keep staff aware of patient health maintenance, allergies, & drug-drug interactions with frequent, timely updates, EMR notifications & alerts. Whether you need to share data with a laboratory, another physician or a pharmacy, PrognoCIS makes it possible. We support multiple interfaces to improve communication, collaboration, & patient care.

Securely store patient data. With PrognoCIS, you & your staff can easily document patient data using multiple data entry methods such as point & click, voice recognition & handwriting recognition. Once patient data is contained within the EMR, PrognoCIS allows for lightning-fast retrieval using an intuitive search functionality that allows you to search across your entire patient database based on specific requests.

Use more efficient billing. Each complaint within PrognoCIS has ICD codes assigned to it, making billing easier. Our software also enables you to confidently charge the appropriate level of service based on your encounter using our built-in E&M coding; encounters are quickly converted to billable EDI & paper claims for fast reimbursements.

Use the latest technology for your practice. PrognoCIS works with a variety of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, & even smartphones. By integrating the PrognoCIS iPhone app with Dragon cloud service, doctors and clinical staff can now dictate their chart notes and letters on any iPhone and iPad, and have it converted to text in their medical records.

PrognoCIS is Stage 2 Meaningful Use Certified. Not only do Meaningful Use (MU) participating physicians encourage & participate in a smooth exchange of health data, but they also enable the delivery of higher quality patient care, leading to better outcomes at a lower cost.

Other benefits of MU include:

  • Complete, accurate data: Caregivers have access to the data they need at their fingertips, to diagnose problems & provide the best possible care.
  • Better care coordination: Patient data is shared instantly across care communities, including physician offices, hospitals & health systems.
  • Patient engagement: With the ability to receive their medical data electronically, patients take a more active role in their healthcare, etc.
  • Improved patient safety: Instant electronic access to data about medications, allergies, conditions & treatment greatly reduces the risk of medical errors.
  • Healthier communities: Crucial data about diseases & outcomes captured at the point of care is available to other health professionals.


  • Getting used to a new EMR takes time, which is why we do our part to reduce the learning curve for clients. When your practice first gets started with PrognoCIS, we assign an EMR Specialist to serve as your personal guide through the installation, implementation, & training processes.
  • The specialist will work with a point of contact at your organization to collect all necessary data & ensure a seamless transition to PrognoCIS.
  • Once your patient data has been migrated into PrognoCIS, your specialist will help you set up the EMR to make sure it interfaces with the other systems your practice works with. This includes medical devices, practice management software, & local & national labs.
  • The specialist will also work with you to customize different aspects of the EMR to match your workflow & specific charting needs.
  • Learning about your EMR is an ongoing process, & we know that many physicians like to learn at their own pace. To help you & your staff, we have an online Resource Center with training tools such as videos with detailed explanations.
  • We provide unlimited technical support by phone, email & online chat.

PrognoCIS Mobile leverages the power & convenience of hand-held technology with web enabled Smartphones. Its user interface was designed for a smaller screen & its intuitive navigation makes PrognoCIS Mobile easier than ever to use. Your data is accessible via icons, allowing you to view your schedule, e-prescribe, & more while syncing up to the PrognoCIS EMR in your office, providing you with real-time access to vital patient data while on the go.

Special features of PrognoCIS Mobile include:

  • e-Prescribe new medications & refills
  • View medication strength, interactions, etc.
  • View patient hub & lab
  • Review lab results, telephone & web-encounters
  • Intra-message capabilities
  • Access allowable by authorized staff members
  • Upload patient photo to progress note
  • Available in both web & native iPhone versions
  • Provides enhanced user experience

Download our free iPhone app:


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Hear from our Clients

“Today the team began taking a laptop into the exam rooms and is entering data on the face sheet, using the diagrams to do the physical exams and are completing the assessment with codes and firing off the encounter to billing. The Doc is really pleased with the progress made due to the ease of implementation. We never got this far with our current system. They used it for EPM only, and continued to use paper charts. We’re well on the way to going almost paperless.” – MacInnis Dermatology

“Starting with the sales process, we were impressed with PrognoCIS. They set up the demos with the vendors and then were patient and very helpful in answering all of our questions. Once we made our decision on an EMR product, they’ve continued to assist us with our hardware and IT needs as well as being there for us when we have any questions or concerns. PrognoCIS is the only way to go.” – Suzanne Moore

“I felt that I needed to contact you and say that the service we’ve been receiving from Om is fantastic. You’d never think that he has other clients. The individual attention to detail and service has been above and beyond! We at the Lake Region Urgent Care are truly happy and completely satisfied with the PrognoCIS EMR system thus far. I’m very happy that this was the system I chose for the clinic. I just wanted you to know how thankful we are.” – Jim Panton, Lake Region Urgent Care

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